Sandra Bullock & Jesse James: 3 Clues They Are Getting Back Together

sandra bullock jesse jamesIt's unpopular to dislike Sandra Bullock right now. But if she gets back together with Jesse James, would opinions change?

Breakups are a complicated matter. Add kids and it's even more complicated. And love isn't something you can just turn on and off. Unless you are a robot. Or Jake Pavelka.

There are some interesting developments in the Bullock and James camps that make me believe that maybe, just maybe, there is some forgiveness in her heart.


1. Jesse is moving to Austin, Texas, to be closer to Sandy and her adopted son Louis. When Sandra began the adoption process, she was happily married to Jesse -- they were going to raise Louis as a couple, and as a family. Sandra was very close with Jesse's children. With Jesse relocating, this is a huge step for them to reconcile, even if it doesn't mean they will be together again.

2. Divorce plans are on hold ... maybe. There are reports that they are still on as well. But I do think that no matter what she decides, holding off on divorce until she is absolutely sure is the right thing to do. Hasty decisions often bite people in the butt.

3. They are talking. Sure, Sandra is probably bitching him out from time to time (at least I hope so) and Jesse's probably shedding some tears like he did on Nightline (I hope so again), but they are probably enjoying just being next to each other again. Funny thing about breakups: Just when you think you are over someone because they did something horrible to you, it is then that you start to remember and miss the good things.

PopEater thinks that if Sandra takes Jesse back, no one is going to like her anymore. But I disagree. I think a lot of people can understand the power of love and forgiveness.

Do you think Sandra could forgive Jesse? Would you support a reunion?


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