Embarrassing Stories: Caught in the Act

showerEmbarrassing moments ... they're proof of Mother Nature's bad sense of humor. And when those embarrassing moments happen when you're trying to impress a guy on a date or during sex (gah!), it's even worse.

But once time has passed and you've gotten a couple of good therapy sessions in, you learn to laugh about those mortifying incidents.

Even though this reader was embarrassed, I'm pretty sure her boyfriend enjoyed it:


My BF left to run to the store while I took a shower so we could be ready to go to a friend's house. To my utter surprise and shock, he came right back after I thought he had already left for the grocery store because he had forgotten his wallet. He came into the bathroom to tell me that he was leaving again and walked right in and caught me masturbating in the shower. I didn't even hear him open the door to the bathroom. He said he stood there and watched me the whole time until I opened my eyes and he was standing there. OMG, I thought I was gonna die.

Yeah, I'm going to bet that he enjoyed it. I'm actually surprised he didn't join in!

Have you ever been caught by your significant other doing a solo act?


Image via NancyHugoCKD/Flickr

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