When Breaking Up Is Awesome

when breaking up is awesomeDid you ever have a really amazing break-up?

I didn't think so. Most break-ups are preceded by weeks (if not months) of agony over "What's wrong with my relationship?" and second guessing yourself and your partner.

But I was inspired to stop and think if maybe there wasn't one clean, smooth move after I read The Vancouverites Change of Heart post, where she describes being newly encouraged by the dating scene in Vancouver due to a particularly pleasant break-up.

I know, weird.


Yet three great break-ups* from my past popped into my head, all for different reasons:

The Confidence Builder

After a particularly ill-suited long-term relationship went south, I was incredibly anxious about making the same major mistake again. After dating Sam for a little while it was beyond exciting to give him the boot once I realized I was repeating a bad pattern. I considered myself cured of unhealthy dating choices.

On the Same Page

Jared and I seemed perfectly matched. We were both wildly interested in music, theater, and hanging out downtown. He was a good-looking guy and I was in a particularly physically self-confident phase. But we both knew after giving it a shot that neither one of us wanted this to be for the long haul. It was almost as if we shook hands after a tie game and walked away.

The Cheater

Another rebound guy, I was in the perfect head space to fall for an attached man. Even though it came as a surprise that Tom had a girlfriend, I'm positive my "no commitment here" vibe attracted him like a bee to honey. It felt like taking a hot shower after disengaging from something that wasn't good for anyone.

Did you ever have a great break-up?

*Names have been changed to protect the dumped/dumper.


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