What's Your Break-Up Project?

art suppliesAfter reading how one Frisky.com writer gets over her heartbreak by baking, I got to thinking back on my break-ups and what I do. I found a recurring theme: home-decorating projects.

I never realized it before, but after every bad break-up, I've made some change to my apartment. Thanks to a particularly rude photographer, I have a purple wall in my living room. Dear guy-who's-too-busy-with-work, thanks for the motivation to do this.


One of my talented girlfriends goes into a painting frenzy. In fact, I think some of her best works have been created after an exceptionally difficult diss. 

Having something to focus on, besides the a**shole ex, helps us get through those exceptionally hard first few days (or weeks, or months). Our fingers are too busy gluing, whisking, or painting to text, email, or call.

And hey, who knows, maybe you'll find a new boy toy thanks to your new hobby. Why hello, cute boy in the paint aisle.

Do you tend to find any new hobbies or projects after a break-up? If so, what are they?


Image via fab4chiky/Flickr


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