Romance Tip: Give Him a Compliment

coupleUs ladies love a good compliment -- whether it's out of the blue or after a bit of fishing, it's a nice feeling to be told we're beautiful, smart, amazing, hot, sweet, etc.

Guess what? Guys like it, too. Groundbreaking, eh?

So why don't you ... give him a compliment.


We tend to think that men don't need verbal acclamation, but in actuality, even the manliest of men enjoy a good ego stroke, especially after a rough day.

But be sincere about it, and the more detailed, the better. For example, instead of saying, "You're so hot," go with "Wow, you look so hot in that shirt." I bet that'll become his favorite outfit after that.

It'll be appreciated, and hey, you may get a compliment in return.

Be honest, how often do you pay your guy a compliment?


Image via pedrosimoes7/Flickr

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