Sex Ed: Funny Condom Awareness Ad From France (NSFW)

It's a message that's been making the rounds since the AIDS crisis hit in the '80s: Use condoms, have safer sex. But like any message, it loses its power and becomes background noise after a while, and has to be re-delivered in new and exciting ways to keep people interested.

Well, leave it to the French to come up with this funny, naughty, stop-motion animation. Make sure you don't watch it at work or when the kids are around!



Can't watch the spot right now? Here's what happens: A graffiti drawing of a penis wanders around a public bathroom, looking for adventure, but all the other graffiti -- of vaginas and mouths and who knows what else -- runs away at its approach. Poor, lonely graffiti penis!

He hops up to the sinks, where he stands, sadly, near a young woman applying eyeliner. She gives him a sympathetic look, then leans over to draw something on him and leaves. When we see him again, he's wearing a condom, and all the other graffiti reappears, hopping over to him to enjoy a huge graffiti orgy on the walls of the bathroom.

Now, the message isn't perfect. If that little penis really were to have sex with all those different orifices, it would need to change condoms between each one. But the message is clear: Wear a glove, get more love. Not a message I need anymore, in my current state of monogamous matrimony, but hilarious and weird nonetheless!

The ad was created by ad agency TWBA and is called "Aides" -- a play on AIDS, of course, plus the French word for "help" (aide).

What do you think of the sad, lonely penis? Will "kids today" get the message? Tell us in the comments!

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