Vanessa Carlton Is Bisexual: Role on 'True Blood' Next?

vanessa carltonVanessa Carlton, the raven-haired, ivory-tickling chanteuse who dated John Mayer and Stephen Jenkins from Third Eye Blind, has come out as bisexual.

Carlton shared the news with her fans during Nashville Pride, a concert she headlined in Tennessee, which was celebrating the gay, lesbian, and transgender community.

"I've never said this before, but I am a proud bisexual woman," she reportedly said.


I also always loved Vanessa's hair. And her piano playing! Not as sexy as Tori Amos, but still fantastic.

You may recall Vanessa's biggest hit, "A Thousand Miles," a breathy, piano tune off the album Be Not Nobody. I loved that song.

You may also recall that Anna Paquin, aka Sookie Stackhouse on True Blood, recently announced that she was bisexual ... and engaged to a vampire. I mean, her co-star Stephen Moyer, who plays a vampire.

I'm being a tad tongue-in-cheek saying Vanessa is saying this to be on the hot, neck-sucking show. Good for her for getting the news off her chest. But I really do think she would make a hot addition to Sookie and Bill's love life. On or off the show.


Image via david shankbone/Flickr

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