Is Sex the Perfect Gift for Father's Day?

i love you noteWhen I asked my husband what he wanted for Father's Day, he said he wanted to watch NASCAR with a beer in his hand. And since he recently had surgery, and it is Father's Day, I want to make sure he gets what he wants ... and deserves. Because he's a great dad ... and I love him.

But most of the time, when I ask him what he wants for a special occasion, his reply is the same. Sex.


And it really is the perfect gift.

  • No agonizing over what to buy or how much to spend.
  • No schlepping to the store to find something.
  • It's a gift for him, yes, but I certainly get something out of it.
  • And no worries about returns -- at least I hope not.

Our babies are little -- 6 months old -- so it's not like we have a special meal planned with our family where daddy reads the cards the twins give him and we all giggle. (Ooooh I cannot wait for those days!) 

And, like I said, my husband was injured, so his mobility is a little hampered for the moment. We can go for walks, but not too far, and Father's Day is an entire day -- 24 hours of time for things to be done. I can certainly take 30 minutes to give him the gift I know he really wants. (Normally, it would be around 15, but I'm throwing in extra time since it's a special day.)

So he'll get the card. He'll play with the babies and they will light up when he sings them the ABCs. He'll get to see Tony Stewart make some awesome passes, maybe even our favorite driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr., will get a top five. The beer will be cold and in his hand. And there will be still be time for some sweet love making.

Do you think sex is a good gift for Father's Day? Does your man ever request sex instead of a typical gift?


Image via sergis blog/Flickr

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