True Blood's Ryan Kwanten Writes a Sex Book

true blood jason stackhouseTrue Blood's Jason (played by the oh so sexy and Australian Ryan Kwanten) has perhaps been naked the most on the show (thankfully Eric joined in last week -- hubba hubba) and the hot blondie has embraced his kinky side so much so that he wrote a sex book.

The G-Strategy is a how-to sex guide that some say will make your sex life way hotter than it is right now.


Ryan said that he gave the manuscript to some friends without telling them that he wrote it, and they loved it.

"One of my friends said his sex life has never been better! They've just taken it as gospel."

The book is going to be released sometime next year, and Ryan says there's something in the book for everyone -- men, women, business types, emotional types. One of his goals is to get Oprah to endorse the book. 

This totally sounds like a Jason Stackhouse idea.

Would you buy the book?


Image via HBO

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