Coochy Cream: For the Hair Down There

coochy creamWhether it's bikini season or not, sometimes you want to clean up the lady bits. Getting rid of the hair on, around, and in between your legs is a great way to surprise your man; or just to feel smooth, sleek, and sexy for yourself. Waxing is a quick, reliable -- admittedly painful -- way to go when you're planning your evening of passion.

But what if you're the spontaneous type and a waxing appointment just can't be fit in before dinner and drinks?

Coochy Cream is a shaving cream designed with your sensitive areas in mind so you won't be afraid of a razor coming at your vag.


Designed for coarse hair, Coochy Cream conditions your skin as you shave to leave a smooth surface. The rash-free shaving cream prevents unsightly and painful bumps from appearing where you're trying to get the smooth look. After all, scratching yourself furiously would surely ruin the moment.

Since the 16-ounce bottle only costs $12.55, you're also saving yourself a lot of waxing money, not to mention the pain of your hair ripping out of your skin. With a full bottle of Coochy Cream in your shower, you can also test it out under your arms, or anywhere else you want to be bare.

Coochy Cream ($12.55) -- Amazon


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