Most Couples Unhappy in Bed and Relationship

most couples unhappy in marriageA new study of 3,000 couples presented by the UK's Daily Mail says that 6 out of 10 people are unhappy in their relationship. Oh yeah, and their sex life blows.

The top 10 relationship complaints?

1.    Lack of spontaneity

2.    Lack of romance

3.    Terrible sex life

4.    No time to give each other attention

5.    Lack of time to talk

6.    Don't want the same things for the future

7.    Don't trust each other

8.    Lack of affection

9.    No longer fancy each other

10.    No honesty


Although the numbers shouldn't be too shocking if 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. Allowing for a certain percentage of people who for religious, economic, or other reasons won't get a divorce, I suppose 6 out of 10 might be downright optimistic.

With online communities dedicated to complaining about and/or cheating on your spouse (CafeMom has a number of groups who offer support when a mom is in a tough relationship), it isn't surprising that so many people admit to being unhappy in their union.

Of course people don't usually advertise their strong marriages -- if for no other reason than fear of being smited by the gods if you dare speak too lovingly of your happy home. But as marriages, long and short, end all around us, I do want to hear from the happy couples out there.

How do you make it work?


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