Cristiano Ronaldo Dates Kim Kardashian First, Now a Supermodel

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Irina Shayk
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Real Madrid's sexy soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo (whose name dances on my tongue) was rumored to be doing his own kind of tongue dance with Kim Kardashian

I'm still sad that Kim and Saints running back Reggie Bush broke up. And a bit baffled that anyone would want to end things with Kimmy, my favorite Kardashian. (Though housewifey and maybe pregnant Khloe is gaining my love.)

But Cristiano and Kim are no more. Now the soccer stud is dating a model. And they have something big in common.


They both model in their undies!

Russian model Irina Shayk, who has donned bikinis for the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, is now dating Cristiano, and they both get almost naked for Armani.

Cristiano replaced David Beckham as Armani's underwear God. And Irina is doing print ads for Armani Exchange.

Let's take a moment to marvel at their bods.

Great-looking couple. But I still like Kim Kardashian better.

What do you think of Cristiano and Irina as a couple? What do you think of Cristiano's gorgeous Armani ads?


Images (from left to right): Armani Exchange; Giorgio Armani

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