Romance Tip: Take a Cooking Class

Cooking classOne of the best dates that I've ever been on was when this guy took me to a cooking class. It was such a unique idea and when you're covered in flour, it's hard to feel silly for saying something stupid.

It definitely took the pressure off, and learning something new together was a bonding experience.


It's great because oftentimes, you meet other couples (which can lead to some fun double-dates in the future!) and by the end of it, you'll be able to wow your neighbors with your newly learned recipes at the next block party pot-luck, and know at least one candlelight-worthy recipe for when that anniversary rolls around.

It's a recipe for romance, and you won't even have to fight over who has to do the dishes.

Have you ever taken a cooking class with your partner? What was your experience like?

Image via Gronberg/Flickr

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