Competitive Eating on Date Night

competitive eating on date nightForget a romantic dinner, nothing will get the blood pumping faster than watching a group of competitive eaters wolf down hot dogs, oysters, Italian ices, or poutine.

You can either work up your appetite by cheering loudly for your favorite chowhound, or if you're feeling brave, sign up yourself and/or your partner for an evening of stuffing your face as fast as you can.

How many of your friends can say they've done that on a date?


If you decide to be observers-only, at least you won't be embarrassed to eat more than a salad (if you still have an appetite) once you sit down to your own meal after the winner has been crowned.

There's always a food challenge to be found year-round, but now that summer is here, eatin' season is in full gear.

I've got my eye on a Goyza eating contest in August. But if you're in the rest of the country, you really need to see if you can make a date at one of the many qualifying events for Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest that culminates on July 4 at Coney Island.

Find a competitive eating contest in your area:

Major League Eating

Competitive Eaters

Then call a sitter with a strong stomach.


Image via EKavet/Flickr

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