Attention Cougars: Calvin Klein's Got Your Number

woman with Tiger
Yep, that's me!
There's some interesting new information in the world of wild mating, but it doesn't involve Courtney Cox or Samantha Jones. According to the Wall Street Journal, researchers have found, after testing dozens of colognes, that Obsession for Men stands head-and-shoulders above the rest in attracting cougars.

I mean real cougars, like the ones on the Nature Channel. Well, Siberian tigers, cheetahs, and jaguars, anyway -- and wildlife researchers say the same effect can be found across big-cat populations.

What does this say about our perfume makers -- and the danger to male supermodels on safari who unsuspectingly roll down their windows, just wishing for some fresh air? Someone warn Zoolander!


In all seriousness, apparently zoos have been using colognes for years to alleviate animal boredom. It was a zookeeper at the Bronx Zoo who decided to test which ones worked the best. The lowest score went to Estee Lauder's Beautiful, while the aforementioned Obsesh for Men kept them busy longer than eating, even.

Word spread like musk in an elevator, and before long, researchers in the wild were spritzing the stuff on tree trunks so that elusive jaguars would stand still long enough to be photographed.

This cologne is made by Coty, and they're mum on the subject -- probably because the recipe is top-secret. But one of the cologne's creators cited vanilla and a "fresh, green top note" as possible reasons the cats were so entranced -- but admitted it also has the musk of another wild cat, the civet, as an ingredient (ugh, gross!).

So how does this help humans in our quest for attraction, amour, and hot sexytimes? Um ... I'm not sure it does. I mean, I like my guys big and hairy, but not so much with the fangs (that's a lady tiger I'm pictured with above). On the other hand, I always liked having a little men's cologne around to make me feel frisky even when I was single. Maybe I'm a cat. Maybe you can give Obsession for Men to your husband to keep you interested. Or maybe this is just a hilarious little tidbit for your next dinner party.

Hey, can you believe I made it through this whole post without making a "pussy" joke? Oh wait! DAMMIT!

Have you sniffed Obsession for Men? Did you find it particularly feline? What year is it, anyway? Make yourself heard in the comments!

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