World Cup is Good For Relationships, Sexy Soccer Wives: Links I Love

world cupYou may not know the difference between a penalty kick and a corner kick, but there are some reasons why you might want to tune in to the World Cup this year:

  • It's good for your relationship. You can either be neglected for the next four weeks while your guy tunes in at all hours of the day, or you can turn it into a positive and allow it to make your relationship stronger. -- Tres Sugar
  • If you happened to catch the USA vs. England game over the weekend, you'll remember that fluke of a goal the US had (though it enabled us to tie, so yay!). But a relationship gone bad might have been the cause of it. -- The Huffington Post
  • Completely clueless? Here's a quick recap of what you need to know about the World Cup, including the sexy shirtless soccer players (really, what else do we need?). -- Pop Sugar
  • Behind every strong man is a stronger woman. Even when it comes to soccer stars and their wives and girlfriends. -- Yahoo! Shine

Image via Andrew Deacon/Flickr

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