Spencer and Heidi Dating Other People?

Spencer and Heidi Pratt
Photo by David Becker/Getty
How far would you take it (pretending that the world cares about the status of your marital relationship) to prove that your relationship is worth gossiping about?

Apparently Spencer and Heidi feel the need to take their "separation" a step further by supposedly dating other people.


Since we're not believing their separation papers are real, maybe if they're caught making out with other people, it will cause us to care believe (TMZ, get on getting those paparazzi shots) that they're actually parting ways.

Sad to say, I guess it's working because look ... here I am writing about it. Crap. Oh Speidi, you and your publicity stunts. But can you blame me? It's like a train wreck -- you can't peel your eyes away.

Heidi has supposedly hired a professional investigator to see if the flesh-colored beard has been spending her hard earned moolah (and I use that term very loosely) on another woman.

Oh, and she may or may not be dating a guy named Cougar. Score.

Another part to the publicity stunt or are they really trying to go their separate ways?

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