Beach Ball Boobs, Odd Husband Swap: Best Love & Sex Comments of the Week

Omar Epps Twitter

We love talking about love. And sex. And everything in between. And we enjoy reading what you guys have to say about what we write (and any hot bedroom tips you may have), so speak up!

Today, we'll spotlight some of the best comments from The Stir's Love & Sex channel, as well as some celebrity input from around the web.


From Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Legally Separated: LoriAnn87 says, "I think they are both made for each other because they are both crazy and that pic of her, her boobies look like beach balls. This whole thing is BS."

LOL beach ball boobies ... too funny!

From 8 Mistakes Women Make During Sex: VincentsYaya says, "What a great article, Michele!! I've been married 27 years, so none of this is really new to me, but it sure helps to be reminded!! Especially about the body issues!"

From Shania Twain & Marie-Anne Thiebaud Swap Husbands?: Peajewel says, "Very odd but whatever works for you, right? I can't tell from the pic but he does look pretty hot!"

I'm going to have to agree with you ... very odd!

Actor Omar Epps is feeling lovey-dovey. He recently tweeted, ""Out of love, everything is right. Love is the magic that transforms everything into right." Getting a little deep there, eh? But he's so beautiful, it doesn't even matter.

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