Jennifer Aniston Dating Jason Sudeikis: Cute New Couple Alert!

Jennifer Aniston
Photo by Splash News
Jennifer Aniston is dating SNL actor Jason Sudeikis, with whom she became friends while filming The Bounty Hunter.

Aww, they make such a cute couple and ... wait. Didn't he just get divorced not too long ago?


Yes, he did, with wife of six years Kay Cannon, but I don't think this is a man-stealing scenario (*cough* Angelina *cough*). Jen's had it done to her, why would she put another woman through that? Besides, she was dating Gerard Butler while they were filming Bounty.

When Jen found out that Jason was going through a divorce, she reached out to him, inviting him over for dinner and helping him through it, as any good friend would do. And it seems like romantic feelings just naturally came out of the friendship, which, in my opinion, is the best basis for a relationship.

However, I hope Jen treads lightly. He is just coming out of a divorce and rebound relationships are a hit or miss. But I like these two together, he's so funny and that's exactly what she needs.

Do you think he left his wife for her? What do you think of Jen and Jason as a couple?


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