Screw Lingerie, There's Something Men Find Sexier

Sasha and RobLast Friday, I discovered something new: My husband goes crazy for sundresses.

Oh, I knew he had a fetish for bikinis (which is why I have more bikinis than sets of bras and underwear) and I knew he liked tight tank tops and shorts, but sundresses? This was new.

"I feel the need to grope you," my husband said when I came out of the bedroom wearing a relatively tame -- albeit see-through and short -- thick-strapped, boho sundress.

And then I started seeing Facebook status updates from my male friends, like: "Summer = Sundress season. Yay!" And no, these were not the kind of men who might be wearing the dresses themselves.

It all begs the question: What is so great about a sundress?


My hubby is not alone. According to a survey by Cotton Incorporated, men would prefer a sundress to almost any other summer attire.

"Historically, most men (34 percent) say a good-looking woman looks sexiest in a casual sundress. And that sentiment only increases as men age, to the point where 42 percent of men aged 55 to 70 prefer a woman in a casual sundress over denim jeans or an elegant dinner dress."

According to my friend D, it's all about the drought: "After a long winter without any skin, the sundress is a welcome sight." Oh, and of course the obvious, he said: "Easy access."

Another friend, K, mentioned that sundresses are appealing because most have thin straps: "They might snap at any moment, exposing the goodness inside."

Others mentioned early Playboy and its effect on the developing male psyche. "Back in the day, they always had women in sundresses and videos as well. Anna Nicole Smith is one I remember. In our perverted years when we were discovering our feelings, we were surrounded by these images," my friend A told me.

So I'm in my early 30s and still learning so many things. And while I'm pondering this, I'm going to dig through the closet and put my three best sundresses on a more permanent rotation.

Do you have any surprise clothing that makes your husband/partner go crazy?

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