Woman Killed By Lightning Before Proposal

heart in the sky
Flickr photo by Jophielsmile
Make sure you have a tissue before you read this. Heck, you might want to grab a whole box.

Last Friday, Knoxville, Tennessee, couple Richard Butler (30) and Bethany Lott (25) were hiking on a mountain that borders Tennessee and North Carolina.

Richard secretly had an engagement ring in his pocket, just waiting for the perfect moment to propose to the love of his life.

But before that moment came, lightning struck. Literally.


It hit both of them; however, Richard quickly regained consciousness. With his body burned, he crawled over to his love and fiercely attempted CPR on her lifeless body. After the paramedics arrived, Richard used what strength he had left to put the ring on her finger. They are listing him as her fiance in the obituary.

On his blog, Richard called himself the luckiest man alive. "I was given a life with the most amazing woman in the world," he wrote Tuesday. "I was loved more completely than I ever dreamed possible."

Oh my gosh, I can't even imagine. My heart is hurting just reading about it. My thoughts are with the groom-to-be and both of their families.


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