How to Date a 'True Blood' Vampire

Bill Compton of True Blood
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Not even the thought of having my blood sucked during a passionate romp in the sack can steer me away from lusting after the heartthrob vamps that are on True Blood.

Well, I can confidently say that because I know vampires don't exist in real life. However, if they did, there'd be some things that we'd need to keep in mind if we ever dated one.

  • Don't eat garlic. Legend has it that it can ward off vampires, but truth is, they just hate the stuff. If you eat it, they can smell and taste it on you. Blech.
  • Don't wear silver. So I won't be able to wear some of my favorite jewelry pieces at night. Totally worth it.
  • Study your history. Your vamp is probably old, I'm talkin' centuries old. So brush up on your history so that you can understand what the heck he's talking about when he discusses his past human life.
  • Become a night owl. Get used to not getting much sleep, or sleep during the day, because your rendezvous with a vampire must take place at night.
  • Up your vitamin intake. That lust-driven blood-sucking can drain you. Make sure you take your vitamins so you can quickly recuperate.

Imagine if vampires were real ... do you think you could be like Sookie and date one?

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