The Flashmob Proposal in Washington Square Park: Romantic or Too Much?

I was charmed, enchanted, and overwhelmingly homesick when I saw the Flashmob Proposal video in NYC's Washington Square Park. It happened just a few weeks ago.

Jeesh, I thought my husband and I were so modern and cool when we went up to the roof with a bottle of white tequila and toasted our mutual marry-me declaration. Now I'm wondering where the cheerleaders were hiding!

It's starts slow, but trust me ... if you love love, then you must watch.


The song "Hallelujah, I Love Her So" is playing. People start dancing. A couple ends up in the center of the dancing, and then it happens! He drops to his knee to pop the question.

The woman gives the traditional cling-to-his-shirt and freak-out response. The dancers broke out into another, more jubilant routine in response, accompanied by a bouncier version of the same song (question: did they have a sad dance for if she said no?) while friends of the couple walk up to offer congratulations.

The whole thing is just astounding. I found myself blinking through tears throughout the video (not difficult to do at this point in my pregnancy, but still). This is the age of funny choreographed events, at weddings and in prisons and everywhere in between, but this still has the power to make us shiver -- maybe because we all grew up thinking we oughta be dancing around with a bunch of chimney sweeps and never shook that notion.

The video, by the way, was shot serendipitously by one of the owners of the New York Puzzle Company, who happened to be sitting in the park when the whole thing happened. Alas, a call to their headquarters revealed nothing -- they don't know the couple either, so if you do, tell somebody -- us or them!

Meanwhile, the YouTube comments range from the predictably snobby to the similarly enchanted. I'll admit that such a public display would feel a bit odd to me, though I overwhelmingly support everyone's right to do so (and would probably have had a blast watching if I'd been in the park that day). But what do you think? Take the poll and elaborate in the comments!

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