Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Legally Separated

heidi montag
Photo from The Hills/MTV
Irreconcilable differences is the reason Heidi Montag filed for legal separation from Spencer Pratt.

Maybe they were fighting too much. I mean, Heidi isn't the same woman he married. He can say, Heidi, you've really changed, and we are all witness to that.


I'm not on Team Spencer here. In fact, I find him deplorable. But it's hard to be on Team Heidi. The couple just seemed to be headed toward doom. Or rather, sucked into the Hollywood machine, chewed up, and spit out.

These aren't divorce papers she filed -- it's legal separation, which means her earnings are hers from the time of the filing, which is June 8. 

Maybe a sex tape a la Danielle Staub will be coming out and Heidi doesn't want Spencer to profit? Hope not. It would just make Heidi realize that her body before plastic surgery looked so much better.

But I'm glad the flesh-colored beard won't be getting any of her earnings from her new reality show with Jen Bunney. Now that's going to be juicy. Heidi dating pervy LA types with Spencer stalking her in the bushes. Hopefully there will be lots of Spencer tears to be seen.

Numerous plastic surgeries, on the road to divorce, all at the age of 23. Sad. Very sad.

Did you see this marriage failing? Or did you think Speidi would survive the test of time?

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