Heidi Klum and Seal's 'Love's Divine' Reality Show

Heidi Klum with husband Seal
Photo by Splash News
Yes Heidi and Seal, we know you're madly, perfectly in love. You told us all that when you renewed your vows for the fifth time. And opened up about your nude photographs of each other in your bedroom.

But just in case we didn't get the message, we can now tune in to their reality show on Lifetime called Love's Divine.


Okay, maybe I'm just being a tad jealous. I'll admit, they seem to be a solid couple, and I still don't know how she juggles four kids and manages to look knockout gorgeous at all times. Sigh. Oh, the mysteries of the celebrity world.

At least one of their secrets to a successful marriage is creating special moments (note to self). Heidi tells People, "[Seal and I] make special moments into something big and noticeable for everyone in our family. For birthdays, we handcraft special cards and gifts. We hang welcome signs when Dad comes home from long travels or when the tooth fairy comes at night. With a family of six, there is always something to make, create, and do together."

According to a friend of Klum's, the couple will be doing that same sort of thing for others on their new show. "After getting positive feedback from family and friends, they decided they wanted to help others share the same kinds of special moments. For example, they want to help people who didn’t have their dream wedding the first time around to get a second chance."

The show is still in the planning stages and they have not yet started filming. But please beware ... reality TV is a curse for couples! I'd hate to see these two fall apart.

What do you think about their plans for doing a reality show? Would you watch?

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