Kate Gosselin: 5 Things About My Love Life

kate gosselin love life
Photo from TLC
Kate Gosselin
is kicking off Kate Plus 8 this weekend fresh off her Dancing With the Stars stint. Also in the works, yet another reality show, Twist of Kate.

So how does this single mom find time for romance? I don't know, but I'm sure she'll manage.

Based on what we've seen of Kate's life thus far, I can only assume these are five things that make Kate's world go 'round.


1. I have a really good lock on my bedroom door.

2. No glove, no love.

3. You must appreciate hair diversity.

4. When we go on a date, I would appreciate it if we go dutch . . . on the babysitter pay.

5. A perfect night out includes dinner and -- okay, totally not dancing. Please don't make me go dancing.

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