Embarrassing Stories: Watch What You Say

Flickr photo by Jim Bahn
Embarrassing moments ... they're proof of Mother Nature's bad sense of humor. And when those embarrassing moments happen when you're trying to impress a guy on a date or during sex (gah!), it's even worse.

But once time has passed and you've gotten a couple of good therapy sessions in, you learn to laugh about those mortifying incidents.

This week's embarrassing moment reminds us why we should think before we speak.


When I was younger, I worked at a flea market with my friend and her stepdad and we would have get there at 3 a.m. There was always this rooster crowing, so one day while we were there, the rooster started crowing and I asked her dad, 'While the guy is away, can I go choke his chicken?'

I didn't understand why everyone at our booth was laughing until I realized what I had said. It was really funny.

Too funny! Have you ever said something that didn't come out quite right?

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