The Text From the Ex

text message on cell phone
Flickr photo by kiwanja
I always find it interesting when exes call or text out of nowhere. I'm not talking about ex-boyfriends, that's a whole other level of complicated-ness. The ones I'm talking about were former flings, which I casually dated for a few weeks until it fizzled out because one or both of us probably found someone that was more intriguing.


After dropping off of the face of the planet for several months, they send that foreboding text, "Hey you! Long time, no see. How ya been?" For some reason, this tends to happen to me right after a breakup with someone else, when I'm feeling down in the dumps and undesirable. It's like they have some kind of vulnerability radar.

Vulnerability aside, I have to admit their text is a nice reminder that there are many more fish in the sea ... even if I've been there, done that, with that particular fish.

Whether or not I act on the ex text depends on how round one went. If he originally blew me off because I wouldn't jump into bed with him, then I'd be lying if I said I didn't take pleasure in having the opportunity to reject him. But if we had a good time together, and it just so happened that things didn't work out, then yeah, why not?

I recently ended a "fling," so I wonder who the texting ex will be: Adam from AC perhaps? Or maybe it'll be Israeli guy ... he was fun.

Have you ever had a ex pop up out of nowhere? How'd you handle the situation?


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