Outdoor Sex Quiz: Love It or Hate It?

sex on the beach
Flickr photo by mikebaird
If you're looking for some spice in your sex life, head outdoors. The Frisky has a list of 10 hot spots to have sex al fresco if you need some inspiration. But first, is outdoor sex for you?

Here are five questions to help you figure out if you're an indoor or an outdoor person:


1. After sex, is it imperative that you "clean up"?

2. Does the thrill of getting caught make you more anxious than amorous?

3. Are you so loud during lovemaking that your neighbors down the street complain?

4. Does the missionary position sound exotic to you?

5. Do you live at the North Pole?

If you answered yes, or even maybe, to more than three of these questions -- stay inside and crank the AC. But if you're ready to explore the great outdoors, might we suggest you include sunscreen in your protection?

Are you an indoor or outdoor person?

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