Richard Burton's Love Letters to Elizabeth Taylor

richard burton elizabeth taylor
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Richard Burton
and Elizabeth Taylor had one of the greatest love stories in Hollywood. And the new book, Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century by Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger, features some of the love letters these two once wrote to each other.

Elizabeth is going to grace the cover of Vanity Fair for the July issue and in it she talks about the book and the letters.

There's nothing like a love letter. A tangible piece of paper someone took the time to write out with a pen. A lot of them have sadly been replaced by love emails or texts. Which is not the same. You can't fold it up and tuck it away in a special place only to be read at another time.

One letter, the final one from Burton written just days before his death, even asks for Taylor to take him back.

That letter didn't arrive in time. Taylor received it after he had passed. Never giving her the chance to respond.

My heart!

There were more ...


In another letter, Richard wrote to Elizabeth:

"If you leave me I shall have to kill myself. There is no life without you."

Wow. He also professes his admiration for Taylor:

"You are probably the best actress in the world, which, combined with your extraordinary beauty, makes you unique."

Nicknames for her were also revealed in these notes. "My Lumps," "Dearest Scrupelshrumpilstilskin," and "Twit Twaddle etc." were some of them.

He also wrote to her after an argument:

"You must know, of course, how much I love you. You must know, of course, how badly I treat you. But the fundamental and most vicious, swinish, murderous, and unchangeable fact is that we totally misunderstand each other ... we operate on alien wave­lengths. You are as distant as Venus -- planet, I mean -- and I am tone-deaf to the music of the spheres. But how-so-be-it nevertheless. (A cliché among Welsh politicians.) I love you and I always will. Come back to me as soon as you can ... "

In one of Elizabeth's letters to Richard after they married for the second time, she wrote:

"Dearest Hubs, How about that! You really are my husband again, and I have news for thee, there bloody will be no more marriages -- or divorces, either. Yours truly, Wife."

Powerful. Do you write (or receive) love letters?

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