A Kiss With Someone Else: Would You Confess to Your Partner?

Flickr photo by Athena's Pix
Something happened in the Sex and the City 2 movie that really had me thinking, If I was in that situation, what would I have done?

**Spoiler warning ... proceed with caution.**


While on their exotic trip to Abu Dhabi, Carrie ended up running into her ex-fiance Aidan. Ignoring Charlotte's "You're playing with fire" warning, she met him for drinks and dinner, which resulted in accidentally sharing a kiss at the end of the night even though they were both married. Oops.

Afterward, she did what Carrie always does and analyzed it for hours with the girls. It was a unanimous vote -- all three said that she should not tell Big. After all, it was just a kiss. It wasn't worth the pain that telling him would cause.

Besides the fact that the coincidence of running into an ex halfway around the world is about as likely as getting hit by lightning (twice), let's focus on whether or not you should tell. Upon watching that scene, I blurted out, "Are you crazy?! Don't tell him!" while my friend mouthed, "Yes you should tell him!" Of course, this difference in opinion was discussed over Cosmos as soon as the movie ended.

Her take on it was that you should always be honest in a relationship. No matter how big or small. But I feel people are going to make mistakes, we're only human. If you're in a committed, grow-old-together relationship and that mistake was only a kiss, which you know will never happen again, and it will do more harm than good by telling, it's just not worth it. It's going to cause them pain and ruin the trust in the relationship, which is hard to build back. However, if you find yourself locking lips with someone other than your partner again, then you should fess up -- you only get one Get Out of Jail Free card. 

Granted, I've never cheated, nor (to my knowledge) have ever been cheated on, so it may be easy for me to have that opinion since I've never experienced it firsthand.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts. Would you confess that you kissed someone else if you knew it was a one-time thing?

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