Date Night Tip: Do It First

drive in movie theater
Flickr photo by Sideshow Bruce
For busy, exhausted parents, date night can sometimes be the only time you get a chance to talk to your partner, much less make the attempt to have a week's (or month's!) worth of mind-blowing sex. Which means there can be a lot of pressure on date night to have the happiest of endings after the sitter goes home.

While easier said than done, the best way to remove that pressure from date night is to head into the evening pre-satisfied.


Whether you get up super-early that morning, take advantage of Jr's nap time, hire a sitter an hour before your reservations, and sneak off to copulate or have crazy car sex, fulfilling the need for sex early on can help you both relax and enjoy the dinner/movie/walk in the park.

Because let's face it -- if you're already exhausted, a glass of wine or any physical exertion may not be the best recipe for staying up late and getting your freak on. But get your freak on, you must. For your sanity, for your partner's sanity, and for the pure pleasure of freaking.

What's your best method to get some sneaky sex?

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