Crystal Bowersox & Boyfriend Break Up

crystal bowersox
Photo from American Idol
Crystal Bowersox should have won American Idol. There. I said it. She was better. I love Lee DeWyze -- love the paint salesman makes it big story, but I just love the single mom's singing better.

During the finale, Crystal was dealing with a broken heart. She split with her boyfriend, Tony, the day before.


"It was bad timing," she told Ellen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "He's a small-town guy, and I don't blame him for anything. He's been amazing. He's been my rock through all this, so ... it's all right."

Tony isn't her son's father. But a split the day before the finale? Rough stuff.

She's single now and was runner-up on AI, but she does have something to celebrate. She got a record deal! No surprise there, though. Yay for Crystal!

What do you think? If your partner suddenly became very famous, would your relationship survive?

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