Sex Toys From Amazon

lipstick vibrator amazon
Amazon; $21.94
If you're feeling uncomfortable about the kind of box your goodies may arrive in (no need for the mailman to know that much about you) or a racy company name showing up on your bank statement, give Amazon a shot at fulfilling your sex toy needs.


You can find pillows, condoms, vibrators, cock rings, and more -- and at decent prices -- without leaving the comfort of your own home. For even more secrecy, I like the Hidden Pleasures Lipstick Vibrator (pictured). You can carry that one in your purse and no one will be the wiser.

Got a fetish? Grab this fetish bag, also discreet, and get to role-playing. No one else needs to know you've got a whip and harness in there.

And when these naughty items arrive on your porch, the box with the universally recognized arrow will get about as much attention as those bestsellers and Christmas presents.

Fetish Fantasy Ultimate Kit ($51.80) -- Amazon

Hidden Pleasures Lipstick Vibrator ($21.94) -- Amazon


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