Want a Man? Get a Dog

Flickr photo by Kylerose
A few weeks ago, I was enjoying Saturday afternoon mimosas with my girlfriends, gossiping about the week's events.

I had had a particularly difficult dating week that week, so I was being overly whiny about how difficult it was to meet a decent guy in this city. My friend nonchalantly snapped back, "Just get a dog."

Confused, I asked her to elaborate. 


She sighed, lifted her sunglasses, and explained, "Dogs are a great way to meet men. They're a conversation-starter."

Interesting. But it makes sense. If a guy is worth a damn, he'll have a hard time ignoring adorable puppy-dog eyes begging for attention.

I did some research, and studies show that you're three times more likely to meet someone if you have a pooch with you. That sounded promising.

Since I'm not at a place in my life right now to handle the commitment it takes to own a dog, nor in an apartment large enough to occupy the kind of dog I want, it's not exactly an option for me. But I still wanted to test this theory out.

As if by fate, two weeks later, my friend Jen needed a dogsitter for her cocker spaniel, Lola, while she took a trip home to Tennessee for her father's 50th birthday. I jumped at the chance of temporarily owning a dog, even though I knew Scout the cat would not be pleased with the new roommate.

So for a week, I was waking up early to take Lola on morning walks, spending afternoons at the dog park, picking up dog poo with little baggies (ew) -- I blended in with the other dog owners quite nicely.

Did it work? Actually, it kind of did. I didn't get any dates out of it, but conversations were sparked. When the dogs did their little sniff meetings (nose-to-nose ... sometimes nose-to-butt), as owners we naturally began chatting as well. Most of the time it was with elderly ladies walking their poodles around my Upper East Side neighborhood, but I did meet a fairly cute lawyer-Labrador pair at the dog park.

Overall it was a pleasant experience, though I'm not going to be running to my local dog shelter anytime soon (even the potential to meet a guy is not worth the cat-dog bickering that went down in my apartment). But, hey, if you want me to dogsit, I'm your gal.

Have you ever tried picking up men using a pet? Do you think this theory works?


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