Serena Williams & Common Split: Is Queen Latifah to Blame?

serena williams common
Photo by Splash News
While Venus Williams has been making the news for her risque tennis outfits, Serena's been mending a broken heart. Serena and Common have broken up.

Common, who is in the film Just Wright with Queen Latifah, has been dating Serena for two years. Though some have said that he was overly flirty with the ladies while on a cruise in mid-May ....


The couple were seen at the Date Night premiere in April (photo seen here). A friend says they just grew apart.

They do have a 10-year age difference -- Common is 38 and Serena is 28. I wonder if that had anything to do with the breakup.

Common, a very sexy guy, is often cast in romantic roles. I personally don't think I could handle my man smooching other ladies on screen. 

Sad news. I hate breakups.


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