The Worst Sex Stories Ever

worst sex stories
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Do you have a really bad sex story? Do you think it can top Jezebel's The 10 Worst Sex Stories We've Ever Heard?

I do not. I really don't because these 10 stories that are vying for first place in the Bad Sex Hall of Fame made me wish I was blind after reading.

Although some made me laugh out loud, so I'm still recommending you hightail it over there and vote on the worst of the worst -- but with my handy guide to which stories you must read and which ones to avoid unless you want your eyes to bleed.


1. Yes. And, hilarious.

2. Yes. Unless you're a man, then, no way.

3. Ohmygod, NO!

4. Yes. Maybe even read it twice.

5. Yes. Worth every numbered incident.

6. Yes, but be warned: There is poop. In France.

7. Yes, but you will be very sad after.

8. I'm having a tough time deciding on this one because a) it was extremely entertaining, but b) the image that's burned in my brain is just so unpleasant.

9. No. And if you're a man -- don't even read 8 or 10 in case you accidentally see enough of 9 to scar you for life.

10. Totally cute. And also potentially a good sex story if, say, the one-night stand turned out to be a hugely successful artist.

Which bad sex story did you vote for?


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