Recession News: Curvier Women More Preferable

Marilyn Monroe
Flickr photo by Music2MyEars
Feeling down about your ample curves?

Well, don't.

Turns out, there is one major upside to the economic downturn: A 2004 study showed that during times of economic recession, the beauty ideal shifts to one with a little more junk in the trunk. And during times of plenty? It's all about the waif.


By studying advertisements, Playboy centerfold trends, and Miss America contestants, the researchers -- Terry F. Pettijohn and Brian J. Jungeberg -- were able to see the trend.

It's about time the curves got some respect I say. As someone who came of age during the "heroin chic" trend in the early 1990s, it was horrible to be a teenager busting out of a 34DD.

I suppose it makes sense. During times of plenty, we want less, and during times of want, we desire more.

Of course, that does not help me. My children have wreaked havoc on my body and general appearance so, now that the buxom look is back, I look a bit more like a drug addict than ever before with my dark circles, unkempt hair, and deflated boobs. But still, I'll take it.

After all, if Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe want to make a comeback, who am I to argue?

What do you make of this?

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