Postnups, Movies for Break-Ups: Links I Love

husband and wifeOne of my dearest friends' just found out that her boyfriend of nearly two years cheated on her. I kind of want to castrate him. But, since that's not yet legal, we're going to have a girls night, instead. Since cheating is on my mind, here are some adulterous links:

  • Postnups are the new prenups. These contracts, which are legally binding in most states, offer married couples the chance to rewrite the ground rules on everything from money to property to -- most commonly -- cheating.
  • If you were the cheater (tsk, tsk) and it's eating you up inside, you can confess at
  • Sharon Stone opens up about her divorce. 
  • Get the girls together, grab some Ben & Jerry's, and check out these 10 movies to help you get over a break-up. 
  • Look at the positive! It's a beginning, not the end!

Have you ever been cheated on?

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