Lindsay Lohan: 5 Things About My Love Life

lindsay lohan
Photo by Splash News
has been basking in the French sun, avoiding the long arm of the law and partying like Benjamin Braddock, according to the tabloids this week. So I can only assume the following five things are true about her love life:


1. My favorite online dating site is CougarLife. What's Google's problem?

2. My ultimate sex fantasy takes place in a women's prison. I'm working on making that one a reality!

3. If I ever tell you we can't meet because I'm "stranded in Cannes without my passport" that's code for, "f**k off."

4. Just an FYI, you're going to need a driver's license if you date me, I've, um, misplaced that as well. By court order.

5. If we get serious, I hope you don't have a problem with over-involved in-laws.

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