Kendra's Sex Tape, Eliza Dushku's Older Man: Best Love and Sex Comments the Week

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We love talking about love. And sex. And everything in between. And we enjoy reading what you guys have to say about what we write (and any hot bedroom tips you may have), so speak up!

Today, we'll spotlight some of the best comments from The Stir's Love & Sex channel, as well as some celebrity input from around the web.


From I'm Keeping the Sweatshirt!: kelli0585 says, "This made me laugh. No collegiate sweatshirts here, but I do have a few fireman's t-shirts (from the same fireman)."

Fireman are smokin! (Cheesy pun intended).

From Kendra's Sex Tape: A Deal-breaker? Really?: stormywaters03 says, "I can't imagine falling for a guy that is uptight enough to think I was that hidden flower before we met ... we're just getting too old for that. Hell, I wish I would have taken more pictures, so that I would have some visualization of what I could be if I exercised more. *wink*

From Relationship Tip: Renew Your Vows (The Normal Way): tiffybell83 says, "I think it is sweet that they renewing  their wedding vows at least they are choosing marriage and not divorce."

Very true. It seems like the majority of celeb marriages end in divorce, so it's nice to see ones that are going well enough that they want to renew their vows.

Don't try to tell actress Eliza Dushku that age matters when it comes to love. She recently tweeted, "AGEism's gettin a lil 'old' comin' from a-some-a-you.. My boo's 40. 10 yrs older-n-me- lol! He's the real deal & I'm CRAZY about him ;)"

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