I'm Keeping The Sweatshirt!

NYU Sweatshirt
Photo from NYU Bookstore
Over the years, I have built up quite a collection of college sweatshirts: UT, NYU, USC ... they span across the country. Not because I was overly ambitious in my education and went to several different schools, but because I was, well, overly ambitious in the dating scene.

The dude's university sweatshirt is just one of those things that ends up in the girl's closet during a relationship. He lets you wear it home on a particularly chilly night and six months later, the over-sized, ridiculously comfy hoodie is still in your possession.


Once the relationship has ended, I suppose it's proper etiquette to give it back, but, unless they specifically ask, I never do. Why would I? He broke my heart, so I get to keep his sweatshirt. That seems like a fair exchange. It's like the goodie bag at the end of a party, only with frayed drawstrings and cracked lettering.

Do you keep anything of the guy's once the relationship has ended?


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