Female Viagra: Bad News?

pink pills
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We live in a "throw drugs at it" society. Take this pill and you're cured! Take that pill and no more of that! And the misuse of these pills is scary, especially when it comes to libido-enhancing drugs.

If you have a condition called hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), you're not in the mood for sex because of a chemical imbalance in the brain. It's a real disorder and has nothing to do with a decreased interest in lovemaking because your husband doesn't romance you/has bad breath/thinks foreplay is unbuttoning his own pants.


And HSDD is treatable with a new drug that's waiting for approval by the FDA. It's called flibanserin -- the very first pill to treat HSDD -- and it messes with the chemicals in your brain to make you want sex. And it's being pimped out by Lisa Rinna. Yes, Mrs. Sexy Lips herself. And no, use of this drug will not make your lips (either set) bigger. And yes, it's a little pink pill, the girl twin to Viagra.

To be fair, Rinna isn't in an advertisement for flibanserin saying, "Take this and you'll be as horny as Harry and I are!" but rather she's in the educational campaign called Sex, Brain, Body: Make the Connection created by the drug's manufacturer to bring awareness to HSDD, which will then create a demand for the drug.

Very sneaky.

There are tons of reasons you could be having low drive. I'm breastfeeding and my desire is in the sewer. Stress, antidepressants, birth control pills, low hormone levels, chemical imbalances in the brain, or even good old-fashioned relationship issues could also contribute to the cobwebs between your legs.

But a drug for a low sex drive worries me. Will it be over-prescribed? Viagra sure is. Will it be used against women? We don't need more date rape drugs.

I'm all for women having more sex, or really women wanting to have more sex, but I'm not too sure about the little pink pill. For a lot of women, some romance is better than any drug and doesn't have side effects.

What do you think of a libido-enhancing drug for women?

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