Add The Fun Wand to Your (Sex) Toy Chest

fun wand sex toy
Pucker Up; $88
An expert in anal sex for women, Tristan Taormino is all about giving you the best tools to enhance your sex life -- in whatever orifice you want to entertain. You can find just about anything you're looking for at Pucker Up, and I think the fun wand is a great all-around toy.

Whether you're open to new positions or want to keep it simple, the fun wand toy can enhance your solo or partnered pleasure. Designed for optimal g-spot, prostrate and all-around stimulation this stainless steel toy offers two different experiences depending on which end you're trying out.


The fun wand is also an attractive addition to your nightstand. Beautifully made, the stainless steel finish also means it can be easily cleaned for multi-person use. Again, if that's your game. If you want to keep it all to yourself -- more for you!

If you are interested in exploring the back door, Tristan's got an instructional DVD for that (or if you're like our CafeMom who's interested in rough sex, there's a DVD for that as well).

The Fun Wand ($88) -- Pucker Up

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