Did You Have a Back-Up Husband?

Caleb visiting me in NYC
Back when we were 19, my best guy friend, Caleb, and I made a pact. If we're not married by the time we're 30 (because that was considered "old" to us ... oh, how that makes me chuckle now), then we'd get hitched.

After all, we were best friends, and though there were never any romantic feelings, we made each other laugh, the other person could "cheat" without suffering consequences, and we'd get tax deductions. Pretty sweet deal, right?


Then, as we grew up and realized that 30 actually wasn't old at all, we pushed back the date. Forty ... if we're not married by the time we're 40 ...

That's the current standing; however, he's been with an amazing woman that's way too awesome for him (just kidding!) for several years now. I think I'm going to be SOL and will have to find a "real husband." That's a shame, because I think both of us are just crazy enough to have actually gone through with our little Plan B.

It was less stressful knowing that I had a back-up husband if need be, that I wouldn't end up being the lonely old lady with no one but my seven cats to keep me company. Thank goodness there's still plenty of time for Plan A. Oh Prince Charming, where are you?

Did you ever make a marriage pact with a guy friend? 

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