Britney Spears Fires Manager So She Can Date Him! Would You?

Jason trawick Britney spears
Photo from Splash News
We noticed that Britney Spears took an unusual romantic move -- firing her boyfriend, who had been her manager, so that they could keep business and pleasure completely separate.

Jason Trawick, the boyfriend in question, has dated Britney for more than a year, though they've had some bumps in the road. Given Britney's issues, that's not surprising -- but I think at this point we're all rooting for Britney to iron out her mental issues and find a stable situation.

The question is, when work and romance intersect, which do you choose? Is it harder to find a great guy, or the right job? Faced with a dilemma like this, which would you choose?


Dating a coworker can be great -- many people find mates in the workplace, including a certain president, who asked his supervisor out when he was a summer associate. Repeatedly. You spend the most time at work, so it's only natural that you'd look there for a mate – but this has the potential to be the best idea in the world, or the absolute worst.

Just look to The Office for the best- and worst-case scenarios. Sure, you could be a Jim and Pam. But you could also be a Kelly and Ryan -- or, even worse, a Michael and Jan, Holly, or Donna (boss, coworker, and client, respectively ... and disaster, disaster, disaster). Office breakups, like dorm breakups and apartment-complex breakups, are awful. And office gossip spreads faster than typhoid (ask me how I know).

But how can you possibly know, ahead of time, if an office romance is real enough to justify moving to a different department -- or quitting altogether? And which one of you quits?

The rules of office dating are hard to follow, but if you're bound and determined to avoid drama, you’ve got to follow them. And no, they aren't particularly romantic. If whirling, passionate displays of emotion are your main desire, dating in the workplace is a bad idea for you.

  • Stay Secret: Don't whisper to a pal about your new paramour; don't pore over his Facebook updates with your lunch crew. Don't be seen leaving the office with him. Keep it on the down-low 'til you know it's for real.
  • Stay Sane: People are allowed to break up with you. They're allowed to have an off day. They're allowed to be busy. As long as you have good communication off-site, don't fall into a big drama trap during the workday.
  • Communicate: Is there a single relationship post on The Stir that doesn't remind you to keep talking to your mate? You have to be able to discuss how things are going, plan for a possible future, and be honest. You don't want to get blindsided when the time comes to go public about your twosome, and he suddenly assumes you'll be the one to step off the carousel. Ground rules from the very beginning are a must.

Have you ever dated a coworker? How did it end -- or did it? Did anyone have to quit, and how did you decide who?

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