Most Dangerous Sex Positions

Flickr photo by kyz
My husband had to have back surgery last week and it sure would sound glamorous if we started saying he was injured during a really hot sex romp.

Oh, we were doing The London Bridge and while I was nearing orgasm, I must have thrusted a little too hard ....

Sex can be dangerous ... and not just in the you can get an STD kind of way. Have you tried one of the following most dangerous sex positions?

  1. The Triple Lindy -- Your bodies are making an "X" but the man is standing and the woman seems to be flying in the air, but facing away. Maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger could have done this in his prime with someone as petite as Kelly Ripa. It would seem to me that there would be too much concentrating on balance and not enough on the sensations for it to be enjoyable.
  2. The London Bridge -- The man should be a gymnast or a super bendy kind of guy because he's on all fours ... facing up. Maybe Evan Lysacek can do this one. The woman straddles and while pumping away, prays she doesn't break his back.
  3. The Pair of Thongs -- I will file this one under "Why?" It hurts my neck just thinking about being dangled in the air, sideways, with just one arm on the floor holding me up. I don't even know how this would feel good. At all.
  4. The Body Builder -- I've done this one ... with success ... but a wall was helping us. Man is standing holding woman in his arms when her legs are up against his chest and around his back. Now try it away from the wall. Any slippage could result in a penis break. Ouch.
  5. The Incline Leg -- Man is lying down, legs bent but in the air and woman straddles on top but uses his legs and her feet as balance. It doesn't look that dangerous and I haven't broken my husband's manhood when we've done this, but I wasn't leaning as far back as the diagram suggests. An improper bend or re-entry could cause the man a lot of pain. Possibly even reducing his sperm count.

Note: I'm not responsible for anything bad that might happen if you try these. But have you tried them? Will you?

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