Which 'Sex and the City' Man Is Yours Most Like?

Sex and the City
Photo from SexandtheCityMovie.com

What are the ladies of Sex and the City without their male counterparts? Whether it's an on-and-off relationship that's lasted 10 years or a cheating spouse, many of us have been in the same situations the girls have gone through.


We've already asked which Sex and the City character you are, so now tell us which Sex and the City man your man is.

Mr. Big

He's charming, attractive, and successful; however, he has severe commitment issues. He's absolutely irresistible, like a drug that you know is bad for you. But you're still willing to risk yet another heartbreak in hopes that he'll change. On the plus side, he does have his moments and will pull through when you really need him.

Steve Brady

He's been absolutely smitten with you since day one, giving you the emotional upper-hand in the relationship. He sees you for who you are, and loves everything about you, including your flaws. He may slip up, but you can always count on him to be honest with you.

Harry Goldenblatt

He may not look like the perfect guy for you from the outside looking in, but in reality, he's more. A fantastic husband and father, he's supportive in everything you do and your friends absolutely adore him.

Aidan Shaw

Aidan makes an appearance in Sex and the City 2, so we had to include him. He's a manly man, fixing things around the home and trouble-shooting any problems you may have. He's giving and would do anything to make you happy. However, for an independent woman, this may be hard to handle. He also has a tendency to rush relationships.

Which Sex and the City character best represents your man? Which one would you rather date?

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