One-Night Stand Safety

one night stand
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Usually you're not thinking too clearly as you head into a one-night stand, because one-night stands tend to be things that just happen.

However, one college student turned to advice columnist Veronica Mittnacht at The Faster Times because she decided she wasn't looking for a relationship, but absolutely wanted some sex. And not in a friends-with-benefits situation.

Mittnacht bypassed the usual "don't let yourself get too invested" emotional business and gave the lady some practical advice on how to stay safe while cruising for tail.


Mittnacht points out that as a woman, hooking up with a man, you really don't have bodily strength on your side, and in addition to not being too drunk to accurately monitor the situation, it's one of the most important things to keep in mind.

Other fantastic points made include getting your own liquid refreshment and not heading to an isolated spot to get busy. Mittnacht expands on these points in very, very important ways.

I really love this article because most of us having one-night stands would never stop and think about any issues, safety or otherwise, other than having a wild night of sex. Mittnacht's advice is a refreshing, preemptive guide to having fun, and not doing anything stupid.

Do you have any other safety rules when having a one-night stand?

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