Kendra's Sex Tape: A Dealbreaker? Really?

Kendra and Hank
Photo from E!
So rumors are flying that a sex tape is causing domestic unrest in the home of Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett.

Kendra, as you may remember, gained fame as one of Hugh Hefner's three girlfriends on the E! reality show The Girls Next Door, and more recently documented her marriage and new-motherhood on the reality show Kendra.

Her husband Hank is a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles. Reportedly, his embarrassment at the hands of his teammates has him wondering if he should hightail it out of the marriage.

Let's set aside, for a moment, the very special circumstances of Kendra's celebrity. Should ancient history rip apart a twosome? Would your relationship suffer if something like this came to light?


I've dated guys who had trouble with my past, and I've dated ones who saw my experience as an asset. It's true that there's a funny sort of double standard when it comes to our past lives -- men are supposed to have experience, women are supposed to be delicate flowers trembling in anticipation and bursting forth when touched by their husbands for the first time.

I actually do have one friend like this -- a virgin 'til she moved in with her husband, she said she "turned into an animal" when he first showed her what sex was all about -- but for most of us, high school and college are a process of experimenting and learning, hopefully without shame and regret. (As if.)

In fact, the movie Chasing Amy was all about this -- boy meets lesbian, boy falls for lesbian, boy succeeds in getting lesbian to go straight for him, boy finds out former-lesbian was called "fingercuffs" in high school (reason: gross) and dumps her. And it was based on director Kevin Smith's relationship with star Joey Lauren Adams -- he just couldn't get past her past, and though it led to a terrific movie, it ultimately caused their demise. Or maybe they'd have broken up anyway, but it didn't help.

I'm lucky that when my guy came across sexy snaps of me taken by an ex (a professional photographer, so they weren't Polaroids), he happily claimed them as his own. "Lookit my hot wife!" he says when he unpacks them during moves (they really can't be displayed). But then again, they aren't online, and nobody else is teasing him about them.

Now, for the record, though Kendra claims to be horrified at the tape's release, there's good evidence that she's been in on the deal from the start, and the whole horrified/possible divorce angle is just a giant publicity stunt. At the very least, it's a little hard to swallow Hank's horror when he knew from the get-go that his wife was a Playboy bunny and former paramour of a creepy old dude. Also, from what I can see, the old tapes seem relatively innocent -- taken by a long-term boyfriend, they show an even younger, pre-plastic-surgery Kendra just having fun with the guy she loves.That's nothing to be ashamed of, in my book.

What do you think? Would evidence of your sexy past destroy your relationship? Tell us in the comments!

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